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The Brothers of MHP (originators of Windwrap Fairings)Click here for CarlClick here for Mark
Brothers Carl and Mark Mueller with their Sister Jenny in 1964


Mark and Carl developed and fine tuned the Windwrap line of fairings and mounts over the course of many years. After a while, the business got big enough that they found they didn't have the time to do all the other things they loved to do. 

After much soul searching, they decided the best thing to do was to sell the business. They'd worked with the folks at TerraCycle for years and thought fairings would be a good fit.

TerraCycle was delighted at the chance to make fairings, and the factory was moved from Eureka, CA to Portland, OR in late December 2009.

TerraCycle is proud to be continuing the Windwrap tradition of performance and value, and would like to thank Mark and Carl for all the innovations that make Windwrap fairings so good. There's a lot that goes into making fairings, and Mark and Carl made it all possible.

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Carl, Jenny, and Mark. Mark is on one of his first recumbents, a quad.

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Mark and Carl in the Mueller Fairing factory.

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Carl making music with a Short Forward Swing T Bar.