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Mark Mueller offers some tips for the care of your Windwrap Fairing.

First thing I recomend is to get a fairing cover to reduce scratches, and dust build up while not riding your recumbent.


When I clean my fairing, I leave it on the bike because it holds the fairing nicely. I recommend cleaning your fairing outside with the hose or in the shower (without the bike). First remove any dirt and dust. Run plenty of water over the fairing while lightly rubbing with a soft cotton cloth. Polishing with Meguiar's Clear Coat Car Wax, or even easier, Lemon Pledge, will improve the shine of the fairing and make washing easier next time. Do not wax the fairing without first washing it because any dust or dirt on the fairing will cause scratches.

If the fairing has some scuffing or scratches on it, wash the fairing as before. Then polish the fairing using Nexus 3 stage Plastic Polish.  We use this product and can recommend it highly. Sometimes it is not possible to fully remove scratches, but the Novus system can take care of most of them. Things like haze, scuffing, and light scratches can be removed completely. It also leaves a polish on the fairing that protects it and makes the dirt tend to slide off. We like the Novus products so much we we are becoming a distributor and will have their products for sale on our website soon.

Transporting your bike and fairing

Always take the fairing off your bike when transporting it on the car. Sustained vibration and gusty conditions can lead to early cracking and failure of the fairing. Chances are you will not know about it until you see parts of your fairing in your rearview mirror if even that. This can be a hazard to other drivers.

If you are transporting your bike in a motor vehicle you will want to take the fairing off to reduce scratching and to better fit the bike in the motor vehicle. Simply roll the fairing in the foam sheet it came with and put it in its original box. If there is space you can leave the fairing open but make sure it can't roll around or vibrate against anything in a way that will scratch the clear surface.

rider's view, EZ1 WW ST
EZ1, Windwrap ST-W

A satifies customer on his Trice Micro
Satisfied Customer on his Trice Micro with Windwrap RS-G and Classic mount with the Forward Swing feature.

2001 Rocket WW RS and  OnePoint
2001 RANS Rocket with Windwrap RS, OnePoint mount and Forward Swing feature.

Greenspeed GTO in the back of my Volvo Wagon
Greenspeed GTO fits in the back of my Volvo Wagon with mounts installed. The fairing is in the box.