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Fairing Fit Issues

Before you order a fairing for your Low racer, semi low racer, high racer recumbent bicycle, or recumbent trike with laid back seat, check for vision resistrictions.

Measure from the ground to (see figure):

1. Top of foot stroke.

2. Top of knee stroke.

3. Highest point of the handlebars including hands if above the seat steering.

4. Your eye height while seated on the vehicle.

At the bare minimum your toes should be 2" lower than your eyes.

Your knees should be an inch and a half lower than your eyes.

Your handle bars should be three inches lower than your eyes.

This will afford you sight of the road about 20 feet ahead of you. So if you want to see the road closer you need to add one to two inches to the above differences. Also keep in mind that the more laid back the seat and higher the bottom bracket, the less aerodynamic improvement you can expect by adding a fairing.

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