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At Windwrap, now a part of TerraCycle, we make fairings for almost every recumbent bike and trike. Fairings can add several miles an hour to your cruising speed by reducing wind resistance. You'll enjoy more comfortable riding in all weather conditions, too!

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Windwrap® XT Fairing for Highracers and Trikes! Greenspeed GTO ready for the road

Bentgirl modeling Rotator Windwrapped Pursuit
Windwrapped RANS Rocket
Cambie Recombini, check OEM products
Tour Easy with ERX fairing and Mount.

RANS Velocity Squared comes Windwrapped
New fairing and mount for RANS Stratus XP Chopper Bar with WERX fairing

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Windwrap® is a registered trademark of TerraCycle Inc.