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Here are some of the great raves we get from
satisfied customers at Windwrap Fairings.

The XT works just great Mark. Many kudos to you and Carl for the fit and finish of the product. It arrived in great shape, had clear and concise instructions, and went on the Force 5 with no problems whatever. I am riding one gear higher than I used to, thanks to the reduced wind resistance. Not to mention the cool factor, which is waaaay up there!

Thanks, Glenn

Click for larger image.
Photo by Glenn Lewis

I lost your e-mail address, but wanted to let Mark M. know I love my windrap faring for my Burley. My Reynold's number is so low, it really blows my skirt up--or rather it doesn't, "sartorially" speaking. I was under the impression it only benefitted higher speeds--not so. I used to struggle to cruise at 13 mph. Now I do 16 mph with the faring. It is awesome, and very elegent in its engineering. I was afraid it would add weight and "clunkiness" to my bike, but not so. Thanks so much. I will soon be sending a friend to purchase the same faring.

Lee Hieb, MD


Click for larger image.Will Pedersen writes:

"Hey Mark-

I attached a few other photos too, feel free to use any. The fairing rides nice and quiet, I really like the mounting system. I’m interested in testing it with and without the fairing for speed. Anyway, sure is fun zipping around town at up to 30 and I cruise near 20 fairly easily.

Regards, Will"

At 04:45 AM 6/29/2004, you wrote:
Mark -

I've had the Windwrap fairing on my Burley Koosah for about three weeks now. I couldn't be more pleased! Determined to reduce my fossil fuel consumption, I ride to work and around town (Minneapolis) for errands and visiting friends.

The fairing quiets my ride, creates more stability for a long recumbent like the Koosah and aerodynamically, I would say as much as a 30 percent improvement. On a number of occasions, I have been out riding with friends on uprights. I've had to brake significantly to stay in pace while they were coasting and or pedaling. My body temperature remains so much more consistent as well. I am not getting hit with intense wind going down hills. Hence, the fairing allows the rider to dress lighter.

Looks great too! Really glad I made the investment for my bike.

Thanks so much for getting back to me and spending time on the phone as well.

Best to you and may we see a healthy, happier society on bicycles.

Charlie Elgart
Minneapolis, MN


Dear Mr. Mueller:

Bought my first recumbent in 1998 - a BikeE CT. Several months later, I purchased a fairing through BikeE. It was made by one of your competitors. Have since sold the BikeE and purchased a RANS Rocket, V-REX, Easy Racers/JBI-Sun EZ-1 Lite. I have a half-size fairing on the EZ-1 Lite, also made by one of your competitors. My most recent purchase is an Easy Racers/JBI-Sun EZ Sport Limited. A few weeks ago I purchased one of your Wind Wraps from Rolf at Hostel Shoppe to go with it.

Let me explain why I'm so impressed with your product. The fairing on my BikeE rattled, and amplified road & wheel noise. It was difficult for my wife and I to carry on a conversation while riding side by side, if I had the fairing on the bike. My wife hated that. The half-fairing on my EZ-1 Lite looks nice and is quiet, but I'm not impressed with the mounting hardware. For some reason I just can't seem to get the fairing adjusted exactly straight and even on both sides. And even though it's half size, it cost almost as much as a full size Mueller. Ah, but the Mueller Wind Wrap!. Took me all of 40 minutes to install it. That's pretty darn fast for me! The mounting hardware is excellent, and the ride is very quiet. The fairing is easy to adjust. My hat is off to you. I like the Mueller Wind Wrap on my EZ Sport Limited so well, I'm seriously thinking of adding one to my V-Rex, and maybe even to my Rocket, eventually. I also appreciate your instructions for cleaning the Wind Wrap. Excellent product at a competitive price. I'll be recommending your products to my friends.

Thank you.

Mike Roy Douglas, Wyoming


From: Ross Robinson


Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the new fairing from Stress Management Recumbents and attached it according to directions. It works perfectly! Thanks for the great customer service. I very much appreciate how closely you and Stress Mgmt. worked together, and how considerate you were to me.


From: Dick Somers, Owner of a Burley Limbo

I recieved my fairing yesterday, it all arrived in great condition, good job packing it all. I installed it last night with no problaems, it all went on just perfect. I can't wait to get it outside and give it a try on familiar roads. I plan on trying it out this weekend. I'm sure glad you changed the model because this is the model that I wanted in the first place, it looks just great. When I get it outside I'm going to take some digital pictures of my bike. I will E-Mail you some pictures of it. If they turn out good enough and you would want to use one for reference for any reason that would thrill me. Thanks for a great product for our riding pleasure. Dick

---I'll be looking forward to those pictures! signed Mark Mueller.---


Frank Burkeen wrote:

I used the fairing on the WHIRL ride Saturday. The temperature was about 32-34 degrees for most of the ride. It felt like I had a turbocharger. I expected a speed improvement, but not such a dramatic one for what I consider to be a rather ordinary, heavy recumbent. I added +2mph in my normal riding range of about 15 mph, and +5mph on the downhills, where the difference startled me.

The weather protection was superb. I could have ridden all day with the temperature in the 30's - no feet or hand problems. ...

The fairing seems quite tough at the standard thickness, and I really would not see a need to go for the heavier version.

The fairing is really a great design. I am very satisfied. Keep up your Web site. Having a picture of the fairing mounted on a Tailwind helped me a great deal. ....


Frank Burkeen
Reston, VA


Hi Mark,

I received the fairing and your note. ... I really like the quality and the lack of "rolling thunder" noise of your product.... Thank you very much.

Steve Kurek


Hello Mark,

... Thanks Again for the great service, and wonderful product!

Lou Cavaluzzi


"Mark, I rode with WHIRL on Saturday with the new modified Mueller mount on my Virginia. It was stable as a rock and worked perfectly. The WHIRL crowd, which is very sophisticated, crowded around my bike (the same one I've been riding for over a year) to see the mounts. The consensus: the fairing and mount is by far the best anyone had seen on a short wheelbase bike. You have a winner!"
Bill Cook, Barcroft Cycles, 703-750-1945


RANS Tailwind customer sends Kudos for Windwrap® ST Fairing.


Roger Reports on His Windwrap® Fairing Kit for His V-Rex


"Thanks for the great products. Keep up the great work!"
In a letter from Art Boyt, Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Center, Crowder College, Missouri.


"The fairing works nicely, I don't even notice any of the 'rolling thunder' sound that I have experienced on bikes with (the other brand) fairings."
Steve Kish, email


"The Mueller fairing is futuristic looking." Eric Georfrey Vann talking about the RANS Velocity Squared


"I truly believe the 11 year old made it across 400 miles in large part to a faired Tailwind. He loves his bike!"
Steve Hopkins emailed about his son Micheal on the Ride Across Washington 2000.

Mike Hopkins on his Tailwind.


"Steve Delaire & Mark Mueller,

I want to thank you, as you promised I received my fairing today and installed it in about 20 minutes. It looks great and I couldn't stand just looking at it, so out I went for a little 20 mile spin. The wind was blowing hard gusts up to 20 MPH. The effectiveness of the fairing is great. I rolled several hills with a riding partner on a Lightning P-38 with Zzipper fairing. We coasted nose to nose. Not very scientific but without the fairing he would coast away from me. I can tell you from my heart rate monitor, that with the fairing my ave heart rate was 12% less to maintain the same speed average with gusty winds. There is no doubt that my average speed will increase... 1st class products with first class service.

Best regards,

Mike Rocole"


"Hi, I just wanted to tell you my fairing was working great until a 3'x5' bookshelf fell 6 feet off the wall and crushed the thing. I thought it was a complete loss. The fairing was twisted and crushed around my bike. I removed the bookshelf and wow, the thing popped back into shape with only a minor crease and a broken plastic screw. Can't wait to crash test on the road!

Rick Erickson"
An email from Rick whom we hope never has a chance to crash test his fairing.


Ken Zuchlewski wrote:

Dear Sir;

I recently installed your fairing on my Stratus and tested it out yesterday in 20mph+ winds. I was truly impressed with how my bike felt going into the wind. I found that my speed was reduced but it didn't feel like I was struggling to combat the head-on force that I was accustomed to without the fairing. My speed was about 4mph faster than without it. My wife rides a standard 10 speed (Cannondale) and was pushing hard to maintain 9 mph. All being equal, my bike and I weigh about 130 lb.. more than my wife and her bike yet I was able to average about 13 mph without much effort. Your fairing makes a nice difference with my bike and it brings out the oohs and aahs when I ride past kids. ( I just turned 59 years old!) One question, is there some way to polish out real minor scratches? (answer here)



Roger Reports on His Windwrap® Fairing Kit for His V-Rex

I installed the Windrap® fairing in December after waiting (as instructed) for XMas to come. My bro-in-law & I used PVC for a mount initially because it was easy to fabricate. This week I finished brazing up a mount out of some mild steel tubing I had laying around and took it for the first real ride.

Lots of looks to be sure. And a lot warmer. I think my VRex is faster now. It's easier to cruise. No faster up hills though. I did come cookin' into a downhill corner a lot faster than I realized because I lost some sensation of speed w/o the wind blowing on me. That was pretty thrilling. I'll post a picture on the Cyclonauts web site pretty soon. Nice product.

Thanks Mark.

Roger acerph@cyclonauts.org

Here's a picture of my installation without the edging provided for the finished look.