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Bruce McDowell in New Zealand made his trike and the mounts to go with the Windwrap GX fairing.

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Hi Mark,

Please find enclosed pics of our racing recumbent all set for the big race this weekend.
The windwrap fairing really sets it off nicely, you do a great job.

Many Thanks
Best Regards


Reiker Cycles, New Zealand

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Hal Barnhardt's GTO with Schlumph Speed Drive and Rohloff 14 speed gear hub. The fairing is the new Windwrap GX and OnePoint mounts with the Forward Swing feature. Standard tail loop in the back and (I think he has out done me here) a really wild but color coordinated body sock from Free Form Fashions. Shown is the youngest trike enthusiast of the Barnhardt family. I'm sure we'll be seeing him on his own trike soon. I suppose I'd better get to work on fairing designs for direct front wheel drive delta trikes.

The third picture is Hal Barnhardt's GTO with a Darlex body sock. This material is non-porous and is likely to reduce wind resistance further.

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Marvin Fields' Greenspeed GLR with body sock fairing and his own tailbox design. This arrangement uses the Windwrap RS-G and Classic mounts with body sock reinforcement. That's a real sharp custom sock there too with smooth integration of all the components!

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