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What's A Windwrap®?

Windwrap® RS on '99 Rocket
A Mueller Human Power windscreen (otherwise known as a fairing) reduces the air friction that you must overcome as you ride your bicycle by making it easier for the air to flow around you and your bike. Expect to add a few miles per hour to your cruising speed by installing a windscreen.
  • reduces effort to maintain speed and increases top speed
  • looks great
  • lasts long
  • light weight
  • rolls up for easy storage
  • keeps rider warmer in cold weather so that rider needs less clothing to stay warm
  • stabilizes cooling of rider between ascents and descents so that rider won't need to take extra clothing on and off to compensate for varied speed and effort of ascents and descents
  • stay drier wear less or no rain gear.
  • Specific Benefits of Windwrap® Design:

  • fits laid back recumbents better
  • wraps in front of cranks and feet

  • Windwrap® ST on '99 Stratus

    Windwrap® ST on EZ1 Super Cruzer

    90% of the effort of a bicyclist traveling at 30 mph is used to overcome wind resistance. At 10 mph 2/3 rd of the effort goes into overcoming wind resistance (Whitt and Wilson 1974.) So even at low speeds aerodynamic improvements make an important difference.

    An MHP windscreen improves wet weather riding by keeping you dryer and will keep you warmer in the winter time. Ride your bike comfortably in frosty weather with no jacket or sweater. In warmer weather enjoy more stable temperature as you climb and descend hills.

    SL kit on home built