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Dual Big Wheel High Racers.
(Body Sock now available too)

My brother Carl Mueller and I have developed a fairing for dual big wheel high racers called the Windwrap® XT. Add months to your riding season! This fairing will help keep your toes and legs warm and affords some aerodynamic enhancement. The Windwrap® XT is designed to work with the high bottom bracket to seat ratio of dual big wheel high racers like the Bacchettas and Volaes.

The Windwrap® XT is also a great fairing for trikes like the CatTrike Speed and other lighter, lower trikes.

Fits Bacchetta Aero, Corsa, Strada, and is an fairing option for the Aero Basso and Giro.

Fits Volae dual 650C and dual 26" models, and is a fairing option for the Century and Tour.

Model WW XT $121

XT Fairing mounts (Model MH XT) $119

Weights with fairing and mounts: 2lb, 1oz.

Add $12 for Tinted.

Shipping in the contiguous USA $15

See instructions here
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XT Body socks are now available.

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"Tweety" on her Bacchetta Aero with Windwrap® XT

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Wally on his Baccetta Corsa with Windwrap® XT fairing.

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RANS Force 5 with XT Fairing

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Volae Club with XT Fairing.


CatTrike Speed with Windwrap® XT

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Windwrap XT installed on Mark's Greenspeed SLRClick for larger image.